Mohabbat chor di Maine

Generally, I rarely get chance to watch dramas but a scene from this drama captivated me by the actress, Hajra Yamin dress sense and the way she carried herself of.

After watching the first episode, I was addicted and watched the total 51 episodes. Even though this is a fictitious drama, the story had so much reality. Being a woman and working alongside family men, i suppose i saw my self in the role played by the actress.

Apart from the lovely clothes  she wore, they were so many lessons to be learned from this drama and it is one i would like you guys to watch and comment on. 

Before we start the intense topics relating to the problems and day to day life that we can resonate with, I want to focus on her wardrobe, after all this was the reason I was attracted to the drama.

She is a educated, upper middle class woman who takes pride in her looks and dress. she lounges around the house in silk gowns and nightwear which look exquisite. this appealed to me for this modern day situation where we are all spending a lot of time at home during the lockdowns.

Her second look was the day to day wear. these where casual, trendy and best of all modest. the only disappointing thing was she did not adorn a scarf but apart from that, her wardrobe was something i would love to replicate. 

I will be showing a couple of designs that i am currently having stitched so do continue to join us on our blog for  

the latest and share your views and comments.

If you have not already watched the drama then here is the link to the first episode and a photo of a dress i will be sharing with you in a couple of weeks.


magenta outfit was so eye catching, simple yet elegant

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